Exhibitor FAQ

Q. Where can I learn more about the event?

  • A booklet outlining details of the event can be viewed here

Q. As a vendor, do I have to sell my product at the Expo?

  • Bringing a full inventory of your products can be difficult. If you would prefer not to sell your product(s) on-site, you may opt to provide a discount code and allow attendees to purchase at your store or online. However, we do request that you bring products to demo.

Q. How much space can I have?

  • We recognize that vendors will have varied requirements for space due to the nature of the products and demonstrations provided. 10×10 and 10×20 spaces are available, as well as additional flex spaces that will vary in size depending on need. If you need a specialized space, please let the staff of SGP know as soon as possible. These will be accommodated as space is available.

Q. How soon can I access the space?

  • Vendors may begin setup at 8 AM on Saturday, August 3, 2023, or 7 AM by special request. All vendors must be situated within the event layout no later than 9:45 AM.

Q. Will I be able to select where my booth is placed?

  • The event will be organized strategically by SGP staff. If you have special requests, please let SGP know in advance. 

Q. How do I sign up?