Learn A Skill

Intro to Disc Golf with Susquehanna Valley Disc Golf; At Booth #7

Learn the the ins and outs of disc golf, the equipment, how to throw, and and opportunity to try it yourself! Demos on the half-hour; 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30.

Nature Photography Workshop: 10:30 AM; Pavilion

Photographer Michael Kinney will lead a workshop teaching attendees how they can take up the hobby of nature photography with a specific focus on underwater photography and his experiences documenting hellbenders.

Paddling Lessons: 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM; Boat Launch

Always wanted to explore the waterways by kayak but are nervous about your level of skill? Join Susquehanna Outfitters with one of their skilled guides and instructors on the Susquehanna River to get the ins and outs of kayaking and build the skills and confidence necessary to master the art of paddling! The program will provide lifevests, paddles, instruction before getting on the water, kayaks, and dry bags. Each session is limited to 4 participants; first come first served.

Fly Fishing 101 with Brian Wilt 11:00 AM; Casting Zone

Join Dr. Brian J. Wilt for an Intro to Fly Casting. Learn about casting tools (rod, reel, line, leader, fly), parts of the casting stroke, try your hand at casting, plus time for Q&A.

Intro to Climbing: Rope Skills: 11:30 PM; Pavilion

Join Levitation Climbing to meet AMGA (American Mountain Guide Association) certified instructor, Ryan Shipp. With 20 years of guiding and teaching experience, Ryan will share some introductory skills, answer questions about the many types equipment that is used in climbing, and share some personal climbing stories from traveling the world as a climber. Levitation Climbing is a LLC based out of the Harrisburg area.

How to Build a Tarp Shelter: 12:00 PM; (see map for location)

Led by SGP’s Greenway & Trails AmeriCorps Assistant, his program will teach participants the basic knowledge and skills needed to construct a tarp that can provide protection from wind and precipitation. The program will include background information, necessary equipment, knot tutorials, and the methodology behind constructing the shelter. These shelters have an advantage in that they are relatively cheap, reducing the need for campers to purchase hundreds or thousands of dollars in equipment.

Euro-nymphing Clinic with American Fly Fishing 1:00 PM; Casting Zone

Join Jamie SanFilippo with American Fly Fishing Company to learn how to build euro-nymphing leaders. This will include proper materials, length, diameter, and taper. Participants will also participate in a euro-nymphing demo and short on-water skills session where they will learn the importance of nymphing angles, fly selection, strike detection, and casting. This clinic is for adults, 18 years and older.

Fly Fishing for Beginners with TCO Fly Shop 3:00 PM; Casting Zone

Join the TCO Fly Shop team for a crash course on fly fishing basics. This class is perfect for the beginner or the curious angler wanting to learn more about fly fishing. We will discuss what equipment you will need to start out, as well as basic fly casting techniques and tactics. Also feel free to join us at our booth throughout the day where we will be tying some flies and answering all of your fly fishing questions. We will have extra tools with us if you would like to learn a little about fly tying as well.

Intro to Kayak Fishing: 3:00 PM; Pavilion

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fish from a kayak? Now is your opportunity to learn. Join the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) staff for this kayak fishing presentation, designed to introduce you to the basics of kayak fishing! The program includes the following topics – * Safety on the water * What you need to know before you go kayak fishing *Types of kayaks, paddles * How to retrofit your kayak for fishing * Types of fishing kayaks, advance kayak gear * Fishing from a kayak* and *Where to find fish.